StainFree Period Panty

Our Leakproof Protection Makes You Worry-Free

You've got your period, you're out and about and you're spending way too much time worrying about whether you are going to leak. We’re proudly presenting our StainFree Period Panty to you!

The StainFree Period Panty is a special design panty to be used during your menstrual periods. This protective stylist look underwear looks and feels like your favorite underwear but the main difference is in the quality and the technology that allows it to be breathable yet waterproof. The outside of this protective underwear is made of high quality fiber and spandex, with features of breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, stretchy, extremely soft and silky. The inner lining is a high tech polymer which provides leakage protection in the center and rear of the underwear. The comfort and protection of this panty is extraordinary. The StainFree Period Panty is made of such high quality materials that you can start wearing it on any closer days to your period to ensure there will be no accidents staining your clothes or sheets!

No-one likes being caught out with blood stains on their pants - it's embarrassing and inconvenient. Most sanitary pads and tampons alone just can’t cope with collecting your flow. But with the StainFree Period Panty you can now be assured of worry-free nights and days, at work, meeting, school and social outings. Our panty helps to give complete protection against staining your clothes and sheets during your menstrual periods. If your flow is heavy and your sanitary product is soiled, this underwear will protect your outer clothing from staining in embarrassing areas. The StainFree Period Panty makes you worry-free and gives you complete protection and confidence at any occasions during your period. It is your best friend during your discomforting menstrual period!

Besides adult female sizes, we also carry the sizes of pre-teen and teenager girls (ages 12 and up). We understand the embarrassing moment our girls might have at school when they get stain on their clothes during their periods. Well, with the StainFree Period Panty it adds extra security to your girl’s day at school!

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